Friday, October 17, 2008

The Story of Baby Mustache

No, my niece is not dressed in her Halloween costume. This is what she was wearing when my brother woke her from her nap. She had already ripped out her superstar piggy tails. You see that she is holding her pumpkin. It had a boo-boo from when she dropped it. She named it. It is called Baby Mustache. Of course, I had to ask.

Me: Why did you name your pumpkin Baby Mustache?
KOH: Because you have to name it someone, and I wanted it to be a girl.


She is ready for the big day. She will be a Go Packers Girl. She tells me that Brother will be a Witch, Sister will be a Go Cheerleader Girl, Daddy will be a Baseball Boy, and Mommy will be Nothing. Someone has already coached her on her lines. She says,
"Trick or Treat
Smell My Feet
Give Me Something Good to Eat
If You Don't
I Don't Care
I'll Pull Down Your Underwear!"

Be forewarned, she means that last line. She ran up behind my husband the other day and yanked at his waistband, and nearly exposed his everything to everyone.

Happy Halloweenie, Everyone!
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