Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Spinning and Weaving Week

Spinning and Weaving week began with a bang this year. I made my way out to Little Barn to celebrate it, along with their anniversary. The weather was wonderful, the food was great, and there were prizes, too. There was a great group of people pursuing the various fiber arts. I was thrilled to sit next to a lady I have not seen in ages. Evelyn has always been encouraging in the pursuit of all things fiber-y, and doing it all on whatever your budget might be.

A few people came by just to shop. It is a fabulous shop. Maybe a little fiber followed me home, and maybe some of it is meant to make its way to someone else's home. Time and the fiber will tell, and those bundles of fluff are chattering away. It was interesting to watch a lady warp her triangle loom. I had never seen that in person before. There was plenty of knitting, weaving, spindling, and spinning all around. I even spied another blogger, but I was too shy to say anything.

I spun along on my fabulous Kiwi, and it enjoyed the attention of other curious spinners. This was Kiwi's public debut. I finally made my way past my spinning-in-public nerves, and treadled away. I had brought along my bag of Indian Summer wool to spin, and it seemed to be the perfect choice. I loved watching the colors in the sunlight. When I bought it, I wondered how it would spin up. I am delighted. I think it will be perfect for those mittens on the cover of the Fall 2008 Vogue Knitting by Jared Flood.

Anyway, there were prizes for everyone. Each bag had a sticker, and it was a clue to the contents. There was
lotion, heirloom seeds, soap, fiber, yarn, or some other little gift. I chose the bag with a sheep sticker. Inside was the most wonderful Shepherdess lavender wool wash. I hope to finish something and try it out soon.
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