Monday, October 27, 2008

As the Weather Turns

My backlog of blog reading is finally out of the triple digits, so I am taking time to post. I was temporarily paralyzed by a need to comment on every post, became overwhelmed, and could not read. I can be so silly. So, I relaxed about not commenting, moved on, and will get back on the comment wagon soon.

If I seem a bit crazier than usual, I have something of an explanation. While I was out, I was not knitting. It was more than ten days of not knitting. I was too tired, too dirty, too sore, or unable to access my knitting. During one moment of desperation, I stuck my head in the piled up room to try to inhale some wool fumes. Also, there is some candy in there, but it was more of an ordeal to get to it than I could manage. Yep, that's my story on the chocolate. I did not really twist and squirm to score a hidden candy bar and eat it while I was taking a shower. That never happened.

So, what is happening? I am back to knitting. It feels good. I have been working on my sister's top. Yeah, that cotton tank will not be finished in time for the first frost, but I am making progress. The eyelet bits between the vine lace repeats have become ribbing, and four of those repeats are about to become stockinette. I need to place some stitches on an extra circ so that I can properly measure the piece. Now that I found the tape measure, I am well on my way.
Maybe it was the knitting hiatus, or maybe it is the change to fall weather, but I feel the need to start several new projects, and there are some UFO babies trying to wake up from a long hibernation and crying for attention.
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