Friday, October 24, 2008

Glad to Be Back

That was an unintended blog break. You might wonder what happened. The home repairs kept me away, but that was not all. We also had computer problems. That shook things up more than I would have guessed. Most things are back up and running, but now the lapdog (which was not the original problem) will not make friends with the innerwebs.

We finished the living room floor. It was a lot of work, but it is wonderful. I believe it will take some time to finish cleaning up from the job. There is dust everywhere, despite my best efforts to cover things with drop cloths. Anyway, we now have a bit of furniture in the living room. I must figure out where everything else should go now. Repairing the living room floor inspired us to think about other home repairs, but they will have to wait. We will take things a bit at a time. I know that clearing out excess stuff will help make everything else go more smoothly. The decluttering process is a personal challenge, but I am confident I can do this. I just need to do most of it on my own.

I am still wading my way through emails, laundry, and blogs. Of course, life insists on carrying on while I struggle to catch up, but that is probably just as well. I feel the temptation to mark all as read and start with a clean slate, but I am not making any decisions just yet. Stay tuned next week for such exciting events as knitting, my birthday, and maybe even the story of Baby Mustache.
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