Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thursday Already?

While trying to choose a project for the Ravelympics, Helen considered knitting a sweater or the Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style. I urged her to knit the sweater, and said I would knit the Shetland Triangle with her afterwards. Interest amongst other Skanky Knitters has turned this into a full-fledged knitalong. I checked the book out from the library. Now that the date to cast on has been set, (9/15) I can hardly wait. I see other people knitting that shawl everywhere. I am ready to begin.
CamelYarnThere exists a bizarre rumor that I am a fast knitter. It is a myth, yet despite my protestations, it persists. This legend inspired Helen to suggest that I should knit two of these shawls. I am willing to give it a go. I plan to knit one shawl as written in the book, and one with more lace repeats. I have decided on the yarn for the smaller one, and have narrowed down my yarn choices to two for the larger. While these are not great photos, I present them to you and seek your opinions for the shawl.

While waiting for the time to begin, I have spent a bit of time looking through Wrap Style. I am glad that it is available from the local library. I do not feel much for the other patterns in the book. I take that back. There are those which hold some appeal, but I cannot see wearing them, nor do I know someone for whom they would make a nice gift.

On the other hand, I flipped through my copy of Folk Shawls the other night, and I saw many designs I would love to knit. As I looked at many of the pictures, my mind began to spin. I mentally matched patterns to stash and recipients. Then I recalled Margene's recent writings on monkey mind, and I relaxed.
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