Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fiber Overload

I started my Saturday by making it out to Little Barn. I knit the rest of a ball of yarn on one project, and did not have any more of it with me. I was glad to have another project to work on, and by the time I reached a part requiring more attention, it wasFiber Overload time to go. In between the knitting, I looked around the shop. I admired the wheels and beautiful work of two other ladies. I saw an antique spinning wheel. It is tiny and gorgeous. I wandered the store with a fellow knitter in search of alpaca yarn for a scarf, and fiber and drop spindles for a demonstration next Saturday (argh--I do not think I will be able to attend that event). Then I made it home. I needed a nap, but it was not to be. Before long, we were out the door and headed towards the next adventure. My mom and I made it out to see a bit of a llama and alpaca show. It was too hot for us to stay very long, but we wandered amongst the critters and spoke to a few people spinning and selling fiber. I did not bring any home, let alone the too cute baby alpacas that were for sale. I received a handout for some shindig at a local alpaca farm next Saturday (not likely to be there, either) that sounds like fun. I met a Raveler who has angora rabbits at home. I finished my day by spinning some Mountain Colors Targhee top. The scent of all of the fiber-bearing critters lingers in my nose.
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