Monday, September 15, 2008

Skanky Start

The Skanky Shetland Triangle KAL has begun. I have been so ready to cast on for probably the last ten days, but I waited for the pre-determined start. However, I did not wait until sitting down with everyone tonight to begin. This is going to be such fun! I am excited for the people who are new to lace, charts, and shawls. I am so glad that they decided to take the plunge, because I know that they can do it. As varied as the people knitting along, so are the yarns we have chosen. So far, I believe there will be Schaeffer Anne, Malabrigo lace, Knit Picks Palette, a lace yarn that someone dyed himself, a camel/wool blend, and Noro sock yarn.

Those last two are mine. I decided to start with the smaller version. I am interested to see how the Noro sock yarn will look with this pattern. If it does not work, I have plenty of other options in the stash. I am already excited to begin the second shawl. It will be out the of camel/wool yarn.
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