Thursday, September 18, 2008

No Triangle Today

I fully expected to be finished with the first Shetland Triangle by now, but obviously, have not. I am on the eighth or ninth repeat of the body chart. My progress is sure to be slower as I work to keep a better balance in my life. I have been getting a bit more work done around the house, done more strength training, and it is time to change bobbins on the Mountain Colors fiber. Unfortunately, my super-special-socially awkward self has also been putting in more time, and that puts me off my game in a serious way. I am recovering from the blunders, and even finding humor in them. At least my awareness of the increasing frequency of the episodes had me on guard, and I kept my mouth shut rather than letting loose with a rant or three. Coming back from those would have been much more difficult.

Anyway, back to the Shetland Triangle. We have been trying to determine how many repeats we will work of the main chart. I want as large of a shawl as I can knit from this single ball of yarn, so I will work until I think I have just enough for one more repeat and the last chart, put in a lifeline, and hope for the best. I am OK with ripping back if I make an incorrect guess. I wish I had better advice to offer those who are new to lace and are feeling a bit of anxiety over the process. I am thinking math might help. Then again, I felt better after an iced coffee and a bit of chocolate, so that may be a better idea.

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