Friday, September 05, 2008

Learn Something New Every Day

FetchingForBeckyI have been on a roll with the knitting of gifts. Check out these fabulous Fetching. That birthday is not until September 15th. Since I am busily gift-knitting so far into the future, why not begin thinking about Christmas, right? So, I ask the son about the girlfriend. We have not had much opportunity to get to know the young lady, but they have been a couple long enough that I decided to ask if she is the kind who would like a knitted gift. I know that not everyone adores a hand knit gift, so I thought I should ask before I become carried away. Anyway, his response surprised me. Not to the question of whether the young lady would like a knitted something (yep), but to the idea that not all people want to receive handknits. He believes that anyone would appreciate such a gift, especially considering all of the time, effort, and skill involved. He further stated that the only ones who would not like to receive a hand knit gift would be people with too much money and the stupid. I guess I need to add my baby chicken to the holiday handknit list. I did not think he would much care for such a gift. Now to figure out what he would like. He is twenty-six. I am thinking mittens.
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