Monday, October 01, 2007

Celebrating the Week

I have spent as much time as possible at the wheel for Spinning and Weaving Week. I have missed time with my Kiwi over the past couple of weeks as I have worked to complete other projects. While I still have several things I would like to finish knitting, it has been so great to sit down and spin. I am pleased to report some improvements. First, I had a much more successful Navajo Plying session yesterday. I had spun the singles on Monday and let them rest. I had some older singles that I used to practice, and was much more comfortable when I sat down with my peachy singles. I think it is about fifty yards of worsted weight yarn, but I have not done wpi or anything else besides feel and look. There are still plenty of imperfections and problems with it, but it is a vast improvement over previous attempts. My other progress is increased production, I suppose. I am not spinning faster, but I am getting more spun in less time. I think what this means is that I am improving on my over spinning issue. I spun up the rest of my purple and green Polypay and all of my apricot/peachy Shetland (or is it Shetland and Angora, I cannot remember). After the singles have had time to rest, I am going to Navajo ply. I hope I will match what I have created with the peachy stuff earlier, and that I can get some good results to keep the colors separated with the Polypay. I am back to having three of my four bobbins full, so I have to ply before I can spin any more. I have ample knitting projects to complete while the singles rest. So, did you do anything extra to commemorate this week? My other happy moment of the week was to enable the purchase of a Kromski loom by passing on information of a used one for sale. My friend had hoped to buy another loom at holiday time, but he was able to get this one now, and with many extras at a price that works for him. I love seeing what he creates, and hearing of his experiences and impressions of different yarns and fibers through weaving. It is sometimes quite different from what I encounter with the same yarns when I use them for knitting. Learning is good.
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