Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nuppin' to Show

I thought that I would make it through at least one nupp-filled chart over the weekend, but I spent more time spinning than knitting. I spun up more superwash, navajo-plyed my Kool-Aid singles, and spun some warm wine Corriedale. I like the way my Kool-Aid yarn turned out after washing. It still has plenty of imperfections and irregularities, but it is the softest yarn I have spun. I did not tell you about running the singles back through to remove some twist. I think that made a huge difference. Anyway, I think I have about 150 yards. I do not know what I am going to knit from it, but I want to knit it soon. Maybe it will be enough to knit the Koolhaas Hat from the IK Holiday 2007 issue.

My nupp-knitting was painfully slow on Monday.
After a couple of rows, I stuffed it back in its bag in favor of some socks. The jury is still out on the socks. I will give them about twenty more rounds before I make a decision. They look like they will not work out without making some changes, but in the end, that may make them work out better than ever. I really need to keep notes in case this works out so that I can knit a matching second sock. Optimism abounds.

I feel like I could be overcome with startitis at any moment. I also feel like I could have the beginnings of an ear infection. The two may be connected. In the meantime, I am struggling to catch up on all of my blog reading. It would seem that many people attended some sheepy shindig over the weekend. I am enjoying all of the accounts. I hope to attend a much smaller one this weekend. I should probably head to bed. A possible early day calls.
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