Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tick, Tock

An invitation for a baby shower arrived today. I am glad that I have finished all nine squares of this baby's blanket. I need only assemble and border it. It would be great to have this finished in time for the shower, but I will not rush myself. When I accepted this assignment, I asked when she needed it to be finished. She said she wanted it by the beginning of November, so I will not be falling down on the job if I do not have it completed in time for the baby shower. I already have a sweater knit for this baby, but I would like to include a hat and booties with it, too. I am probably being overly ambitious to want to include a Baby Surprise Jacket in the package, but I am so excited to knit it that I may be able to make it happen.

The test knitting is progressing wonderfully. I will be finishing these soon and sending them on their way. I love this pattern. They look like a good candidate for a spin and knit project. I also need to package up the hats I have knit and get them mailed. I need to get them out to Becky by the beginning of October. She will then mail all of the hats we have knit so that they arrive by the October 14 deadline. I am feeling good about getting the deadline knitting done on time, but the clock is ticking louder.
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