Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Road Trip Denied

Some things just are not meant to be. I was hoping to make it to Atlanta to attend the Yarn Harlot event. I thought that I might get the chance to meet some people and have a fun time. Besides, my husband was going to drive, and that would have been a lot of knitting time. None of the Skanks are able to make it, either. Between travel, motherhood, employment obligations, and life, we figure we will have to try again on the next tour (unless, perhaps, she has an event closer to us?).

Speaking of the fabulous Skanky Knitters, I received a gift from one on Monday. Laura is out-of-town right now, but she asked Margaret to give it to me. It is the Baby Surprise Jacket pattern. I have been talking about the pattern and quite interested in knitting it for a while. Laura brought me her Opinionated Knitter book for me to look through last week. It looks like a good book, but now is not the time for me to get more books. I was so thrilled and surprised to receive this very thoughtful gift. I can hardly wait to knit it. I have been mentally going through the stash for prospective yarn choices. I have so many ideas.

I am plugging along on the baby blanket that I promised to knit. So far, I have knit five of the nine squares. I figure that puts me at about 40% of the way through. I knit the more complicated squares first. I only have the four plain lace squares left to knit before assembly and the border. I am pleased that this is moving along at a nice pace. I want to finish it quickly so that I can move on to knit things I enjoy more. Therefore, I am using the wonderful new BSJ pattern as a reward. I have not decided exactly how to work it, but maybe I can knit it after I finish this, or maybe after I finish all the squares. Whatever I decide, it is a great motivator, and one more reason to thank Laura.
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