Friday, September 21, 2007

So Tired

It has been another long day with an early beginning in preparation for another longer day beginning even earlier. Of course, you know this means I did not sleep. I am pleased, however, to write that I put the insomnia and waiting time to good use. I have made my way through the seventh square and begun the eighth. That blanket will be done soon. I also knit two more Foliage. GoldenFoliageSmallerNeedlesIChunkyFoliage did one more in the same golden, worsted weight yarn, and the second using green, chunky yarn. I did go down on my needle size from US 7 and 5 to US 5 and 3 for the gold hat. This pattern is such a quick knit. I estimate my knitting time at five to six hours for the worsted version, and three to four hours for the chunky version. There were times today while knitting the chunky hat when I could only knit two rounds and then had to set the needles and yarn aside because I was so exhausted. It felt like this (second picture) kind of work. Seriously. When I came across the link in my inbox from one of the Skanks, it was as though someone had been peeking into my mind. Anyway, I think I have enough of these yarns to knit another gold and another green if I feel like it. If not, I am still pleased to have these three hats to send off next week.

It is not going to be all Foliage, all the time around here. I still have the last two blocks to complete on the blanket. Then it will be the fabulous assembling and border. I have already nixed the ruffled border. The directions did not look good, and I think the blanket will be more useful with a border that lays flat. Besides that, I have some fabulous test knitting to do. I was delighted to find the yarn in the mailbox today. I just need to get some sleep so that I can get started.
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