Tuesday, September 04, 2007

From All of Us

Months ago, most of the Skanky Knitters received an email with the subject, "Super Secret Knitters No Christinas Allowed." It was a plan hatched by Laura to knit a baby blanket for the baby Christina is having in November. Between a flurry of emails and hurried conversations while keeping a lookout for the expectant mama, we decided on squares knit from Knit Picks Shine Sport. Laura would assemble the blanket. The colors were assigned, and the yarn was ordered and distributed near and far. Yes, even the re-located Skank, Brittany, contributed lovely squares. Finally, we gave the love that is group knitting to Christina. I got out my camera and tried to take a few pictures without getting in the way too much. You see a bit of the blanket, and yes, that is the wee one growing away under that grey t-shirt. I am so pleased with the way the blanket turned out, and I think Christina really likes it. It seems like we really surprised her. I hope that the love we put into this blanket follows her son through his life.

After all the talk of babies and the pressure of this secret project, I had to let out a potential surprise. I told Christina and Laura that I am thinking of knitting Chicken Viking Hats for their babies. I also plan to knit the adult sized version for my son. Now I just have to find the right yarn for the project. I was forewarned that the right shade for the main color is elusive. If anyone has a hint, I would love to hear it.
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