Sunday, November 01, 2009

My New November

Maybe it is just the joy of getting back that hour with the return of standard time, but I have decided to do NaBloPoMo again this year. However, I have not decided to do NaKniSweMo. I enjoyed participating last time, and was excited to be making something for my sister. However, the list of things I want to knit right now is very long, and there are not any sweaters trying to jump to the head of the line, so I will let that challenge be for another year.

This looks to be a busy month. The full moon is tomorrow, and later there will be a Friday the 13th. My sister is buying a house, and moving day is toward the end of the month. That is exciting.

Before we jump to far into the new month, I will share three tidbits from the last day of October--two good, and one unfortunate.

1. I stood in line for one of the games with my sister and nephew at a Fall festival. Two teenagers approach to replenish a candy bowl. They declared what I am doing to me neat, and that I am smart to have brought something to pass the time.

2. At the same Fall Festival, I walked and knit, and a boy of about eight dressed as a young Obi-Wan Kenobi approaches me. He states, "You're knitting. How do you do that?" I stretched out my arms to show what I was doing. "Oh, I thought you went like this," he said while wildly moving his hands up and down. "I want to knit," he states. I tell him that he is certainly old enough and if he wants to learn, he certainly can. His mother, worried that I am being bothered, pulls him aside and begins listing the people in the family she thinks might know and be able to help.

3. At the mall for trick-or-treating at stores, we pass a group of costumed and decorated people. One individual catches our eye. She is wearing jeans and a half-shirt, is possibly with child (but possibly not), and has some animal painted on her abdomen. There are no pictures because it would have been too terrible.
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