Sunday, November 29, 2009

Same Ol', Same Ol' on a Sunday.

Yes, it is another moebius. It is for my niece. Her birthday is in a few days, and she was trying to steal the one I gave her mother the other day. I may have enough left of this yarn to make a hat to go with the moebius scarf. I might be better to leave that for a Christmas present, though. My hands and fingers are a bit on the sore, stiff side of things. Knitting does not bother them, but I will take it easy.

I think I may be recovering from moebius-fever. I do not feel like I must cast on for another right now. Of course, the most recent one has only been finished for about fifteen minutes. Anyway, it is time for a new week, almost time for a new month, and every day is a new day.
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