Saturday, October 31, 2009

UM, Not Impressed, and Impressed

This guy looks like he has been to his share of fiber festivals. He took the crowds and cameras in stride. He did not mind our presence, or having to attend the gathering, but he was clearly not impressed by any of us.

  • Redskins :: Cowboys
  • Show :: Stopper
  • Smoker :: Turkey
  • Bad movie :: Horror
  • Play :: House
  • Jaguar :: Wreck
  • Click :: Through
  • Production :: Piece
  • Sand :: Evil
  • Foreign :: Film

  • Just to show it is not just about fiber acquisition around here, this is my latest finished spinning. I like the new yarn. For me, it seems like I keep spinning, and suddenly one skein shows my improvement all at once. This is one of those skeins. I keep petting it, and thinking of what I want it to become.

    Fiber: Alpaca, KA Solar-dyed by me
    Plies: Two
    WPI: 19-20
    Weight: 5.12 ozs (145.3g)
    Yardage: 608 yds (555.9552m)

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