Tuesday, October 06, 2009

She's Not Available Right Now, May I Take a Message?

Am I treading water? No, that involves more movement, coordinated effort, and concentration. It is more like a combination of brain in a dense fog and body suspended in Jell-O. It is difficult to get anything done or know determine which way to go, it is exhausting and confusing, but the Jell-O keeps me from sinking. Overall, I guess that last part makes it a net positive.

I have been reading blogs, but just not been able to coherently comment. That does not usually stop me, but lately, it has. I have been marking everything unread in the feed reader with the idea that I will go back and comment, but I may need to let go of that idea.

While I may not be able to tell you the day of the week, I do know what week it is. It is National Spinning and Weaving Week. I made it out to a kickoff party the other day at Little Barn. Even with my odd state, it was an interesting time.
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