Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Already?

The weekend flew by for me. Valentine's Day was good. I suppose I like that day the same way I like Thanksgiving. Love and thankfulness are for every day of the year, but it is nice to spend a day giving extra attention to them. We are mostly silly about the day, liberally sprinkling our conversations with cutesy pet names.

Anyway, I was also not feeling well for a good bit of the weekend. My back did not like the way I moved, and has been taking it out on me since. It has kept me from the spinning that I want to do. I am glad that I seem to have recovered well enough to go for my ten minutes today, but I had better not push it. Beyond that, I alternated between feeling cruddy in a general way and extra sleepy. It seems to have passed, but it did cause me to lose large chunks of the weekend.

My constant companion has been the Shetland Tea Shawl. I just keep knitting away on it wherever I am. The growth of the piece might be what makes it a less portable project before lace complexity does. It is now well beyond the stage where a photograph shows much more than a giant lump of knitting. At a baby birthday party, people kept asking what I was knitting. My answer was that it will be either a shawl or a blanket, depending on the finished size. It is a wonderful piece, and I love it so far. However, I am beginning to think it might become a gift.

Speaking of things I have been thinking, I am warming up to the idea of the personal sock club. I have loved watching other people participate in it, but have not felt it was a good match for me. Besides my last pair of socks, I have not been knitting them lately. However, I enjoyed knitting my Marlene socks, and feel the desire to knit more socks. That is what got me thinking about the club. Then I remembered that Sock Madness 3 will soon be upon us. Still, part of the point of the psc is making it your own. Maybe I can think of something that will work for me.
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