Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Getting Warmer

No, it is not a treasure hunt hint. We are in the midst of a predicted string of 70+ degree-days. So, of course, this means I have a finished pair of alpaca blend socks. I do not really feel like the two are connected. While I do live in my head more than a bit, I have not begun believing that the weather changes solely to affect my life.

I finished knitting these socks on Saturday. Onc
e I found my rhythm, they sailed along quickly. The chart was easy to memorize. I chose to knit only five repeats on the leg because that length seemed right to me. I also substituted a short row heel and worked the toes plain. The yarn is so soft, pretty, and a delight to knit. The only thing that bothered me is what I see as a difference in color between the two skeins. According to the labels, they were from the same dye lot, but they look different to me.

Last week was not the best week. However, it was not without its good moments. I baked bread. It turned out much better than the first two loaves. I felt confident enough to share some of this loaf
with more of the family. Maybe I will be baking extra bread this week.

We had the opportunity to keep our niece a bit more than usual. She is an interesting little girl. We
learn new things about each other every time we get together. She is pleading for a new amigurumi bunny, as something happened to the first one. We had a long talk about taking care of our belongings, and she assures me she will care better for a new bunny, and even has a place for it in her room. She has the most expressive little face. We look forward to the next time she comes over.
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