Friday, February 13, 2009

It Adds Up

A few minutes here and there can add up over time. You might think this is going to be about spinning ten minutes each day, and it could be. Yes, it could be, but only if I had been spinning. I have not been making time for that lately, but that is changing. Today, the minutes adding up refers to the knitting I was able to do today.

Bruce (feeling a bit better) received a phone call from a visiting, out-of-town friend. They made plans for lunch. With this particular friend, going to lunch usually means we will not return home until after dark. In preparation, I made a working copy of a pattern, and packed the knitting bag. It was already full, so out went some yarn and the wip that might have a date with the frog. In went a book, a pattern, and two current projects suitable for on-the-go knitting.

While Bruce drove to Popeye's, I worked on the Yoruba Bird hat. Before lunch was over, I had begun wishing I had brought the knitting bag inside with me. Afterward, Bruce's friend needed a new headlight, so we were off to the auto parts store. While they changed the bulb and talked cars, I knit more of the hat. I soon ran out of black yarn, and I had not brought along more, so it was time to switch. This was just as well, as it was less convenient to keep checking the book, knit, and chat. Still, if I had more of the black, the only thing left to knit for the hat would be the bird. Anyway, my Shetland Tea Shawl was much better suited for the occasion.

ShetlandTeaProgressACDCI had just begun it yesterday, and I was ready to start the first chart. A few rounds into that lace pattern, the guys decided that test-driving cars was a good idea. It felt as though the stitches were flying off the needles, so I did not mind. I just kept knitting. I knit through the test drive. While they talked with the salesperson, I knit some more. The television in the dealership was tuned to vh1 classic, which was airing nothing but AC/DC. The next thing I knew, it was time to leave. I had completed the chart and moved on to a section of plain knitting.

By the time we got back home, I was almost ready to double the stitches again and begin the next chart. I did some calculating, and I knit over 2700 stitches while we were out, just on the shawl. While this is not a huge number when you consider the amount of time we were gone, it is a nice bit for the moments grabbed here and there.
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