Friday, November 02, 2007


It hardly seems like it has only been a week has gone by since I took my wonderful day trip to Tennessee. We have had a little adventure here at home, but everything has turned out well enough, and we will leave it at that. Anyway, I meant to tell you that Saturday was not all about the fiber festival. There was an excursion to Dunkin' Donuts (we do not have any locally), and my first ever trip to Joann (also none locally). There was a moonlight madness sale, and I scored Victorian Lace Today, a green Chibi, and some of Clover's Locking Stitch Markers. I also managed to help my fellow knitters.

Knit Picks should send me a prize for the sales pitch I gave in Tennessee. I was able to introduce two new knitters to Knit Picks and Knitty (I have a Monkey on the needles). They needed a serious introduction to knitting in the round and circular needles as they discussed the frustration of fitting all of the stitches required for a hat on a straight needle. They professed a fear of knitting in the round. I gently encouraged, and wrote down a couple of websites to help them. Another knitter, this one quite experienced, walked in on the mini knitting clinic to get a better look at my circular needles. I said that I got them from Knit Picks. She said that she was already a customer and purchase yarn from them. Then she speculated that the cords on their circulars would be "cheesy." Still, a knitting problem plaguing her prompted her to reach out and touch the needles with a focus on the join. She confessed that her current circs snag slightly, causing extreme frustration and annoyance as she works to knit a sweater on US1 needles. She admired the nice, pointy tips, and I think she probably ordered up some needles when she got home.

No, I do not really expect Knit Picks to send me a prize. I just want my yarn to get here ahead of the projected arrival date. I mean, come on, it is sitting four hours away, and they predict it will take five more days to get to me.

Coming soon: the magic of blocking. It is small now, but blocking will increase its size. However, I cannot expect it to reach anything near these dimensions. Still, I already like this, and am reconsidering the gifting of it.
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