Thursday, November 15, 2007


Someone stole a week from me. At least that's the story I am sticking with. I could have avoided this trouble by looking at a calendar or doing math. Instead, I just kept with the idea in my head that we had the Veteran's Day week, one empty week, and the Thanksgiving week. In my defense, there has been a lot happening lately. Since Halloween we have had two trips to the hospital (ambulance rides for each), a minor motor vehicle mash-up (ah, teenagers), a fungal infestation (please do not let it spread or pass to anyone else), four doctor's appointments (varying levels of competency), probable future surgery, the announcement of incoming out-of-town relatives (good news, but stressful, nonetheless), extended childcare duties, a radioactive new year, and more that I cannot think of right now. I am thankful to say that we are all doing fine and making our way through it. It looks much worse written down together like that. It is a good explanation for my delusion of one more week left before the next big wave arrives.

Still, it has not all been bad. I have my birthday yarn. There's nothing like a huge box of new yarn
Robuddy'sPirateHatarriving to make you cast on with yarn already in the stash. Especially if you anxiously awaited the delivery of the new yarn and complained about the time it took. However, I did use my new fixed circular Harmony needle to knit it. I like my new needle, although I worry about breaking it. I ordered the US 0. I need to be more careful with it than I am with my metal needles. Still, I think I might like to add more of the Harmony needles to my collection.

My new Harmony needle
PirateFloats from Knit Picks was a great choice for knitting this hat for my nephew. I knit it using Dale of Norway Baby Ull, and made a few minor mods. I am excited to give it to him. He saw it in progress and likes it. I have wanted to knit this hat for a while, but this was the right time for it. Now that it is off the needles, I have cast on for another stranded project. It is not picture-worthy right now, but I hope to have something to show soon.
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