Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Two Steps Back

I had a lot that I needed to do last week. Therefore, I began a pair of mittens for myself. I doubtedNotQuiteRight there would be enough yarn to make them, and since this was my handspun Kool-Aid dyed yarn, there is no more of it in the entire world. I thought I was done with the first mitten and I tried it on, but it was a bit tight at the top. I ripped back and made it longer. Still, the thumb looked a bit big and wonky, but it fit well enough. This was the left mitten. I weighed it. I weighed the remaining yarn. The yarn left weighed more than the already completed mitten, so I cast on for the right one. I made my way to the top of the mitten and began the thumb. It looked a little better, but the yarn was nearly all gone. I tried it on. The thumb was too short. I ripped back some of the left thumb and used its yarn to fix the right one. Still, they were not quite right, and I had used every bit of yarn. I tried washing them to see if this would change the situation. People told me they looked fine, but that right thumb was wrong. I knew that I would not wear them, and I really wanted to wear these mittens. I decided that the ill-fittin' mittens were my punishment for not having done what I ought to have. The Skanks decided that I must have lived a good life if a tight right thumb is how I am punished. Anyway, I ripped back to below the thumbs and am trying again. I hope it works out right this time. If not, I know what to do.

RippedBackMittensAfter setting the mittens aside, I grabbed my Merino Style and some US 4 needles and began to swatch for my Tangled Yoke Cardigan. I knit on and on, and then got out the tape measure. No gauge for me! I had brought my entire Options set, but of course, I needed to go down in needle size and the set only goes down to a four. Oh well, I needed that pair of needles back to re-do the mittens. So now, I am swatching with US 3 needles, and I may not have gauge yet. I guess I am quite a loose knitter. Also, does it make sense that using the same needles, I would get 24 sts and 36 rows/rnds per four inches in both stockinette and garter rib? Let's just see if I can find a needle where I can match gauge in stockinette, eh? Also, I need to make sure that I choose to knit the correct size. I sometimes have a bit of trouble with that. I think I am between sizes. I want to knit something that I will wear. I cannot wear one that is too small, but I am not trying to knit a baggy sweater, either. I just do not know. Add to this a bit of unhealthy body image, and it is just as well that I am still swatching. Anyway, I did some math, and may be able to use the US 4 needles and knit a smaller size, but my gauge difference would make something between the two sizes I am considering. In that case, the sweater would need to wait until I finish the mittens. With all of this trouble starting my Tangled YokeBruce'sMittenInProgress Cardigan, does it mean I am supposed to be doing holiday knitting?

Then there is another adjustment to gauge to show you. I was going to
knit myself a pair of mittens from Folk Knitting in Estonia. I grabbed some Palette and began. My loose knitting means that I am knitting this pair of mittens for my husband. It does not get as much work as I would like because I am afraid of breaking my Harmony needle and so it usually does not get any away from home knitting time.

I am too tired to make any decisions tonight, and it is not even eight o'clock. Maybe next time I will show you a different frog encounter.
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