Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sorry, Grandma

When I first purchased the lone, luscious skein of Cherry Tree Hill's Possum Lace, I thought that I would make something for my mom. It sat in the stash and waited patiently for the right pattern. Finally, the time and lace were right for the (sob) discontinued yarn to become. I settled on the Swallowtail Shawl from the Fall 2006 IK. I thought that this would be perfect for my tiny grandmother. I fell in love with the lace as I knit. I worried about the way the lace could be obscured by the variegations. I wondered if I could make the shawl bigger by adding repeats (no way, not enough yarn). When it came off the needles, I was pleasantly surprised at the size. It was about 52" across the top and around 30" from top to tip. After blocking, it measured approximately 60" X 32". That is a nice little shawl. Anyway, I tried it on and loved it, and was unsure whose this was to be. I consulted my husband with a list of three finalists: Grandma, Me, His Sister, Cassie, in Alaska. So, my precious possum, (the shawl, not the stray cat I feed), you are headed north. I hope you can warm Cassie and remind her that we are thinking of her far away, as she convalesces from gall bladder surgery.

I feel like I achieved a nice result on this shawl. Yes, the different colors do hide the lace a bit, but I
kind of like the effect on the nupps. I think the play between the colors and the lace is a nice match. I also think the size is nice and functional. It stays on and out of the way if you want to do something besides sit and be pretty.FinishedPossumSwallowtail

BlockingSwallowtailI will put the shawl out in the mail in the next day or so. I wanted to take nicer pictures, but every time I go outside the wind picks up. Therefore, I present you with a blocking photo, and one outside in the yard.

Now, the details:
Cherry Tree Hill Possum Lace in Gypsy Rose
Knit Picks Options US 4
60" x 32"
Verdict: Nuppalicious!

p.s. My Knit Picks order arrived today, and another package I was not expecting that I will detail another day.
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