Thursday, August 11, 2011


Knitting the second Emily2 was more challenging than knitting the first. To begin with, there was the issue of locating a steel crochet hook small enough to add the size 11/0 seed beads. It also took some time to get used the unusual yarn I chose. I decided to use the copper/bamboo yarn I got at Habu Textiles last year. It is so very fine and light that it almost seems to be floating away while you knit with it. Not only is the yarn itself very thin, but the ply of copper makes for a very different knitting experience. Now, none of this is bad. I loved knitting this, and each of the challenging elements added to my enjoyment.

There are only two more challenges remaining. The first, I do not believe I can conquer with my current skills--getting a decent photo. That did not stop me from trying time after time.

The last challenge is deciding whose this is. Last month I met with other spinners at the lys. Someone mentioned a shawl I had once knit, and someone else asked what my current shawl project was. I got out the Emily2 in progress and handed it to her. Other people were interested to see it and feel the unusual yarn, so it made its way around the room. I said to the woman sitting next to me that I was not sure whether I was giving it away or keeping it for myself. She stated that no mortal alive was worthy of this shawl. I guess that disqualifies me, too.
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