Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Take Two Tuesday

Seeing as this week's weather has already given us back-to-back <90F temperatures, (we'll not speak of the rest of the week) it seems like the time is right to knit mittens. I have been contemplating colorwork lately, and this is the perfect excuse to play. As I was going through my books the other day, I found several motifs that I would like to put together into mittens of my own (for lack of a better word) design. I don't know that I will ever get around to it, so for now I am knitting from a pattern.

It is already take two for this pair of mittens, as I did not like the way the colors were working together. You can see how some were just blending into the background, so I had to rip. I am not sure whether I like the re-start, but since I am having difficulty liking anything right now, I am going to keep going. The pattern is Sea Mineral Mittens from SpillyJane. I am changing the thumb because, although it is very attractive in this design, the peasant thumb is a bit uncomfortable for me.

Tomorrow includes time in the car and in the waiting room, so I would like to have my knitting settled and ready. I figure that if I can make it through the cuff and the gusset and place the thumb stitches on waste yarn, I will be set.
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