Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mitered Madness

A few years, ago the Mitered Square Sock Yarn Blankets swept across the kingdom of knitters. I saw them, admired them, and moved on with my life. While I think they are wonderful, I am not likely to knit one, but I probably have the yarn with which to make one happen someday. Somewhere in my mind, I do have an idea of knitting one of those blankets for myself one day, but not anytime soon.

Now I see the HexiPuff Pandemic infecting one knitter after another, and I am just sitting back and watching the little hexagons form from the needles of other knitters. My risk of catching this one is very low, but I will enjoy watching what happens with others.
Generally speaking, knitting blankets drains my already dwindling will to live.

SisterKindleCoversAlthough it is probably quite some time before I am likely to knit my own Mitered Square Sock Yarn Blanket, that does not mean I want to just let all of that yarn sit and wait. However, not having a project in mind meant waiting for a need to help me find one.

I got a Kindle, and it needed a protective cover. I searched on Ravelry and decided to make this one. My sister also has a Kindle, and hers needed a case, so I made one for her. I added i-cord to the top and as a button-closure. I also lined them with some fabric I had lying around.

I adore these little covers, and absolutely love my Kindle! I think I might need to make more.
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