Wednesday, August 31, 2011


HidingPinkuI suppose that might be the right word for now. Bruce is going to have surgery (paraesophageal hiatal hernia repair and maybe another bit of patchwork) this week. I am not too concerned about the procedure beyond the fact that it is surgery and thus has its associated risks. Still, that moment when I take his wedding ring, put it on a length of yarn, and slip it around my neck is always tough.

Once we make it through surgery, we have recovery, and it looks like it could be a bit bumpy. He will be on a pureed diet for four weeks after this, so the blender is in for quite a workout. There will be some other restrictions, too, but we are trying to not get ahead of ourselves. Coming up with some good recipes will be a challenge, too, but I have been looking at some possibilities. Our son is going to lend his VitaMix to us, so that will be helpful.

Anyway, this is going to keep me away from the computer for a bit. Maybe I will have some scheduled posts ready to go, but I do have a few other things I need to attend to first. I have to pack for the hospital. That means deciding on some hospital knitting. I am thinking about hats, cowls and fingerless mitts, or maybe even some plain vanilla socks, but I really have not gotten much beyond those few stray thoughts. I am trying to not think about the lace shawl I agreed to knit for a stranger. That one is still a bit of a puzzler, and perhaps a story for another day.

In the meantime, I have been knitting a cowl, ripping it out, restarting it, having a little bit of the yarndage, and finally finishing it. I had intended this to be a gift, but am afraid it might not be good enough. The pattern is Kuusk from the current Knitty. I am not quite sure what brought me to the pattern, but it was a good knit.
I knew I might have yarndage issues, so I used beads instead of nupps. If I would have had (guessing here) another twenty yards, I would like this even more.
However, it is still nice, and I enjoyed knitting with my handspun. I also dyed the silk hanky before spinning it, so there's that, too. It was supposed to be purple, but the Wilton dye behaved differently than I had anticipated, so I ended up with pink. The little skein had been sitting around for months, and I am glad to have knit it into something. Since the modeled shot is a bit lacking, here is one of it blocking, and then a peak into my unconscious mutterings.

Bells :: Warning
Germs :: Warfare
Athlete :: Feet
Voice :: Concerns
Diamonds :: Cut
Hoarse :: Throat
Tempest :: Teacup
Hurricane :: Irene
Bumps :: Goose
Jazz :: Hands

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