Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tales from the Tour

There is so much to love about spinning. It is more than just the creation of yarn; that is only part of the story. There are so many opportunities for memories along the way. From fiber acquisition, to the time the yarn (in whatever form it might be at that time) has completed its journey, much can happen.

I remember when I bought this alpaca/silk blend. It was a few years ago at a tiny fiber festival in Tennessee. A group of us had gone up together, though I think I was the only spinner amongst us at that time. Some were there just for the trip, others were just on the lookout for bargains, I think there was a reluctant knitter, and a couple more curious about spinning. I mostly wandered on my own, finding little gems along the way, including this big bag of fluff.

Then it sat and waited. I admired it, but did not think I was good enough at spinning to use it, and I wanted to wait until my spinning skills were worthy. Fast-forward to Le Tour de Fleece 2009, and I was ready to challenge myself. One day, a friend invited me to her home to spin and watch the cyclists on television. We chatted, I spun, she took pictures, and she pointed out places in France from her past. When I left, I began to formulate a plan--I wanted to turn this fluff into yarn and then knit it into something for her.

I began thinking of the right pattern, and I found one I would like to knit for her. Then it was time to check the yardage, and I was short by a lot, so the yarn sat. My friend moved away, and it sat some more. Then, there was a knitalong, and the pattern brought the alpaca/silk yarn to memory, but before starting, I checked yardage again, as I have been burned in the past.

I was so pleased to see that I had enough yarn, and I began knitting Emily2. It was odd to be participating in an online knitalong while needing to keep the project private, but I was just glad to be knitting for my friend. The only stumbling block that remained was getting it in the mail, and that took months, but I finally did, and now it is with my friend.


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