Friday, July 08, 2011

Why Did I Wait?

It is not as though my grandma is reading the blog, so I could have shown this gift when I finished weaving it.


My selvedges still need a bit of work, but really are better than this photo shows them to be. Anyway, I finally made my way to the post office this week, so she should have it soon.

Playing Tour de Fleece does cause the blog to suffer a little bit, but I am having fun. I even got my niece in on the action when she spent the night. Her first skein of yarn is drying.

Clearly, I have been neglecting the laundry a bit, too, but I am caught up on washing dishes. I suggest we fast for a few days so that I might bask in the glory of my accomplishment.

It is not just the Tour keeping me busy. I have also been playing with Google+. Some of you are already there. I have been sending invites when they are open. If you are not yet in, but would like to be, let me know. I am not quite sure what to make of it. Time will tell, I suppose.

Today is going to be a slow day, as my fingers are achy. So much for getting caught up on blogs, eh?
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