Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tornadoes and Tangles

Yesterday it was seventy degrees and I had to mash a mosquito. Now it is thirty-eight degrees. In between the warmth of yesterday and the return of winter, we had much rain, wind, and tornadoes. I am so glad to have been out of the path of said tornadoes. It was crazy out there. Three of the tornado sirens in my county are out of order. I turned up the volume on the weather radio so that it would wake us up if the bad stuff hit while we were sleeping. As it turned out, I could not sleep. I was working on my TYC and trying to enjoy the cinematic masterpiece that is Turner and Hooch (it was three in the morning and my choices were limited) when the squawking of the radio alerted us. I turned to the local station. The path of the storm was predicted to be our way in a little bit, so we packed up the emergency radio, flashlights, knocked on the new neighbor's door, and headed to the storm shelter. I do not love being there, but I know we are fortunate to have it. We tuned in to hear what was happening and I knit away. The uncomfortably humid conditions were not ideal for knitting, but it helped to pass the time. I was quite a sight, but taking a picture probably would not have worked. We stayed until it was safe to return home. Then we called to check on the kids as the bad stuff was predicted to head their way. We were relieved to hear that they were both home and the daughter was tuned in to the local television station and prepared to take cover. Again, we were all blessed to have not been in the path of the tornadoes. I know others did not have the same experience.
UpToMyArmpits 1937x1008
I thought that I had completed the TYC sleeves. Upon further examination, it was clear that they were not long enough. I added a few more rounds, and now I can begin the task of joining them to the body of the sweater. Time to dig the pattern out of the knitting bag. Maybe I will cast on for the second sleeve of the EPS FIYC first.

Nah, I am going to get out the wheel. Margene called for NaSpiMoMo Redux. I am pleased. I think it is time to try alpaca.
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