Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Leap Day!

Ah, another month ends. It opened with the excitement of Groundhog Day, and closed with a bonus day. I have been extraordinarily unproductive, but it is okay.

The NaSpiMoMo Redux has been a bust for me. Back troubles have kept me from the wheel. It is sitting in the other room with my barely begun bobbin of alpaca. I hope to get back to it soon, but do not know when it will happen. I miss spinning time. I am glad I still have knitting.

However, my knitting progress is also slowed way down. I have somehow managed to make it to the three-needle bind-off on the TYC. Here I am last night wearing it in progress. This was before the short-row shaping, but after taking some medication that makes the tip of my tongue numb. Fortunately, I was able to discern that I could not count to work those short-rows. This afternoon I used Nona's Japanese Short Rows Tutorial to work that portion of the sweater. I like the way it worked out. I will probably use this method on the EPS FIYC, but we are a long way from that. Still, it is nice to be so close to a new sweater. I enjoyed wearing it last night, even with the needles and waste yarn. It seems like it is going to fit nicely, and it will definitely keep me warm.

It is going to be a busy Leap Day. We have an in-law adventure we refer to as Gerry-Duty, plus the nephew needs to stay home from school at least one more day, and my sister must return to work. I hope he is feeling better and we can make up some ridiculous Leap Day celebrations.
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