Friday, August 17, 2007

Skanky Shower

A Skank is getting married, and we are into the preparatory celebration rituals. There was a bridal shower tonight, and there will be a tea at the end of the month. There has also been sneakiness amongst the other Skanky Knitters. Elisabeth organized the group gift, and it was something of an adventure. First, there were the dye lot troubles. This quantity of this yarn in this colorway in the same dye lot did not exist. There had to be a special order with this yarn at the head of the dyeing schedule. Then there was FedEx trouble, followed by the bride-to-be's perpetual absence from Monday Night Knitting. The package was passed around to make sure it would be there each Monday. There were talks that we would split it up amongst ourselves. Finally, we were able to present the gift to Freda at the shower. We think she likes it.FredaSurprise
This is what we got for her.Freda'sBridalYarn Can you really blame us for thinking of keeping it? Freda recruited me for lace help. I am honored. I just cannot believe I was so nervous about the shower. I am more nervous about the tea.
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