Monday, August 20, 2007

How Hot Is It?

It's so hot that they had to shut down a reactor at the nuclear power plant because the temperature of the water in the Tennessee River is over 90 degrees. Perhaps it is just the heat, but I have grown tired of following the Brady/Dimera Rivalry on Days, I look forward to my upcoming invite to Ravelry. I gave it a quick check, and I am #9374 on the list. A scant 26 people are ahead of me in line. I am a bit curious to explore it, but do not think it will consume my life. Who knows? I could be wrong. It happens all the time.

Speaking of being wrong, I was surprised that the errata remains in the Print o' the Wave Stole pattern. Eunny gave the corrections back in May of last year, but the pattern itself has never been corrected. It was not difficult to find this information, but it is just surprising that it was never fixed. I suppose this is part of the price one pays for a free pattern. I corrected my copy. I have finished the border. Next up is the edging. Then it is the magic of blocking, followed by the joy of gifting. We must think of a nice, enjoyable accompaniment for the knitting that comes after. I have some ideas.
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