Saturday, September 24, 2005

Shawl & Stitch Markers

I am finally back to where I was knitting my All Over Lace Faroese Shawl that I got at The Knitting Zone earlier this year. I am knitting it using Superfine Merino that I had purchased awhile back. I am trying to do better about knitting up my stash, and this has been an enjoyable process. While I love to get new yarn, (those three skeins of Alpaca Cloud in Tide Pool for my Pacific Northwest Shawl will just have to stay at Knitpicks for now) it helps me to feel better about myself and more responsible when I use what I already have. Anyway, I started knitting this on Monday at our meeting, but started over again at the Friday meeting. I had been up to row 21 (as I am, again), but I wanted to make a change and fix an error, so I re-started the shawl. However, when I got to row 17, I took a stitch marker break. I put up the knitting and got out the beads. I snipped and bent wire, strung beads together and put them back, but finally managed to make a few stitch markers. Since this shawl does not have sections using the stitch markers bordered by yarnovers, I get to use what I made. So, when I went back to knitting, I replaced my plastic stitch markers with the crochet cotton hanging from them with the new ones I had beaded. This little picture shows two that I made. I figure it would be better to show the stitch markers than the small bit of progress on the shawl. Once again, you can see my Kangaroo lying underneath. I guess I've been productive lately, as I also have my first package ready to be mailed to my Secret Pal. I just need to go to the post office. Speaking of Secret Pal, my spoiler requested a picture of me, so I was brave and put on a dress and allowed myself to be photographed. Doesn't something like that deserve chocolate? Of course, then I'd just have to do another exercise video, so maybe not. Maybe, I'll just get back to my shawl.
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