Monday, September 19, 2005

Sweatin' & Stitchin'

I’ve begun to put together my first package for my Secret Pal. I spent time reading through her archives, and I think I have some nifty ideas for extra little goodies over the coming months. This is such a joy. I’m getting ready to exercise, and then I can get myself packed up to go knitting at Barnes & Noble. Maybe I should try to leave the coffee alone this time, but I love it so much. We stayed knitting last time until the voice over the p.a. system announced that it was time to close.

Last week I picked up Simple Socks Plain and Fancy, and it is a fabulous book. Oh, I’ve been going through it just picking up more little tidbits to improve my socknitting. My mind wouldn’t focus well enough to work the different cast-ons, but I’ll have plenty of opportunity to use them later. I tried her directions for a short-row heel last night, and it turned (pardon the pun) out so well. I wish I would have read through and tried these directions before I sent that baby sock pattern to my grandmother. This heel is so much easier and nicer. I’m still knitting the baby socks for charity (due Friday), and then I have my Dobby socks to knit. I still have to pick up some Lion Brand Lamé in Gold and in Silver for accents on the sock with the Golden Snitch. Of course I also have to cast-on for my husband’s socks, but those will be toe-ups. In the meantime, it is baby socklets all the way this week. My needles are itching for some lace, and wouldn’t you know it, Knitpicks has been tempting me some more. Now, be good, Sarah. Speaking of being good, it’s time to pop in a dvd and start sweating.
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