Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Baby Booties

Here are the baby booties that I donated today. Yes, that is indeed my Kangaroo beneath them. I had knitted nine pairs, but one went to work with my mom for a baby shower. She also brought all of those cream cheese mints we made last night. That recipe sure makes a bundle of little mints. Working together, it seemed like we would never see the bottom of the bowl. She used the mold of baby booties and I used one of a flower. I even had to bring some home because she ran out of space. I will get back to baby knitting soon, because another baby I know of to be debuting towards the end of January or beginning of February has been predicted to be a girl. Now I get to knit a blanket for a baby girl. Time to chart and swatch some more. The other good news about these babies is that I get to use up the oodles of baby yarn I had been given that I was unsure of how I would end up using.
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