Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Socks & Shawls

The shawl is coming along well, and I like the pattern more and more as I knit it. I also began a pair of socks for my husband in Opal Rodeo 1158. I'm working them both on one long circular needle from the toe to the top. So far, they just cover his toes. I will be knitting some more baby booties again because I got the invite for "Pedro's" baby shower for the 22nd of this month.

I've been back on Knitpicks and think that I would really like the Sweet Mary Jane Cardigan. I think it's a really cute pattern. I've always wanted to knit a lacy cardigan. This is also a pattern whose sales support breast cancer research. Breast cancer runs through my family pretty strongly. I have an aunt battling it right now. I feel like I want to knit this cardigan and maybe even in Alpaca Cloud Peppermint.

I'm mentally getting ready to dive in for some Christmas knitting. I'm beginning to form a plan. Oh dear, all this thinking cannot be good.
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