Friday, September 27, 2013

Pile of POP!

Well, it would seem that it is that time again.  The season has changed, and it is time to take another look at the state of the Pop! Blanket.  We see that we have another sixteen squares in their unblocked, curling glory.  I know you have been wondering, wishing, and hoping that I would show you how these look before blocking, so this must be your lucky day.  Actually, there are more than sixteen in the pile, and I have knit even more since I took the photo.  I have been knitting a bit here and there in spare moments, and while it feels like I have not been doing much, the little bits add up to real progress.  Oh, how I forget to remember that!  
Anyway, I had left this project alone because I needed the break, but it has sat for long enough.  Speaking of enough, I wonder how many squares I should make.  I have been working on this for so long, it seems like I should have a huge blanket when I am done.  Then again, how big of blanket do I really want?  The other question I must ask myself is whether I am just trying to get out of working on this any longer and wanting to be done.  Letting a project sit undone for too long is not my favorite, but this is the time of year when there are other things I could be making.  On the other hand, it is also getting to be the time of year where having a new blanket will be wonderful.   
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