Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Hi, Funny Bunnies!

Well, it took a few tries, but I finally made some little bunny-blanket-lovey-bits.  I experimented some with the numbers and shaping, and like the results.  They are quick knits, but you wouldn't know it with my start-to-finish time on the first one.  For some reason, I had trouble with the portion of the pattern for working the ears.  I finally did something that seems to work, but I still find myself a bit puzzled that I could not make sense of those directions when so many other people have knit from this pattern.  Anyway, I think there are at least two more of these in my very near future, and I am fine with that.  Right now, the hardest thing about these is not giving them to the babies right now.  If I do that, I will need to make or buy something else for Christmas, and I really want to watch that I do not overload myself.  
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