Monday, September 02, 2013

Awesome or Awful, August is Over

Yes, another month has come and gone, and once again, I find myself thinking it has been both very long and very short.  The fact is, a lot has been happening, and I have even had an increase in my knitting.  

I do not know where "putting together a shed from a kit" falls on the major life stresses list, but it is probably pretty high up there.  This adventure has been going on for far too long, but the construction has only been for the last week, and we are still not quite done.  However, we are carrying on, following the directions, taking it step-by-step, and hardly throwing any temper tantrums.  We have had some good help, and that has made all of the difference.  I will say that the shed crew might have used their allotment of jokes about not being able to get it in the hole, the sack of nuts, and size/measurement, but as long as they are helping, I really do not mind.  

It seemed the babies had avoided the rounds of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease sweeping through daycare, but we were wrong.  It has not been fun, but there are certainly worse things to endure.  For example, putting together a shed.  

In the midst of shedding, plague babies, and various terrible things, I found another opportunity to make more tiny things.  I heard from a dear friend from long ago from whom I had not heard in quite some time.  I wanted to make something for him and could not decide what it should be.  After spending too much time looking at patterns for hats and thinking about scarves, I switched gears and decided to make small things.  I knew I could make them quickly and could leave the other things for another time.  Besides, these are fun and maybe a bit silly, and life should have more of that.  

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