Tuesday, September 10, 2013

From Gnome-More to More Gnome

Sometimes when life stresses me, I knit many small things.  This time, I had the idea of knitting large things.  It was a thought of knitting several of the large things to help with something even bigger.  Then it became clear that my involvement in the situation would not be helpful.  Still, I had the pattern, I had the yarn, and I wanted to make it.  Then another bit of difficult news arrived, and it took several attempts to get the tension on my stranded knitting under control, but focusing on that helped.  Soon, I was planning making more for every gift-giving occasion through the rest of the year.  Of course, I have thought better of that, seeing as how most of the birthdays in the family fall between now and Christmas.  It's not like that will not keep me from making more as gifts, just not one for everyone.  Besides, not everyone wants a big gnome.  No, really, it's true; I just don't always figure it out in time.      

For now, I have one large gnome completed, and I love him.  His future is still up in the air; he might be a birthday gift for someone, or he might live here forever.    BigGnome
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