Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So Long, Summer!

We finally made it. This summer was not what I would have predicted, but that is often the case. This helps remind me not to become too concerned about what I think is going to happen. A new season is here, and I am looking to it with a hopeful heart with no idea of what is ahead. There will be changes; of that, I can be sure. One friend is moving away in a few days, and another could be within a few short months.
The garden is nearly done for now. We still harvest a couple of tomatoes and okra each week. We have an over-abundance of okra from a neighbor who keeps hanging bags of it on the front door in thanks for Bruce cutting their grass occasionally. Bruce picked our only surviving watermelon and enjoyed what little there was. This year's watermelon growing was more successful than last. I am calling it a win, especially because I started this from seed.
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