Friday, September 18, 2009

Grey Matters

A nice, mindless knit is wonderful company. It is great when the brain is foggy and sluggish. It makes waiting time seem shorter. It is soothing during stressful times when anxious worry threatens to take over. A simple scarf like The Corrugator is a perfect example of such a knit.

I often cast on for a scarf with much enthusiasm, and for the first three feet feel like I will be done in no time. Then my will to knit usually seems to die, or I feel like hanging myself with the yard of fabric. However, that was not the case with this scarf. I made it to the halfway point, baked a loaf of bread, and was ready to keep knitting. Whether laundry avoidance played a role, I am not saying.

Anyway, I enjoyed knitting the scarf, and have the bonus of a timely finish. It is a birthday present for my brother. I hope he likes it. I think it is right for him. The color works with some of his preferred sports teams, and therefore his other apparel. Also, the yarn, ONLine Linie 21 Marly, is superwash.

Since this scarf did not kill me, I am ready to begin another, but this one in red. I have not decided whether to do this pattern again, or go for something different. If I want mindless again, but a different pattern, I could go with the One Row Handspun Scarf. Perhaps I should go for a bit more excitement and try a Palindrome Scarf.
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