Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Munch, Munch

Perhaps you think I have succumbed to the hungriness that has been plaguing me during my weight loss efforts. That does happen sometimes. However, I am talking about time. I gave most of my Monday over to cleaning and organizing. The living room knitting corner is much nicer now that I have tidied it.

Tuesday turned out a bit differently than I planned. I met a puppy. Whether this is the new puppy for my mom remains to be seen. He is cute and sweet, but probably not the one. I am still puzzled how we left the house mid-afternoon and returned home around nine or ten, but that is what happened. My mind is so very fuzzy.

We have somehow made our way to Wednesday, and t
he Shetland Triangle has been finished for days. This pattern, yarn, and US 9 needles makes for a quick knit. I like that there was not too much yarn leftover, and am pleased that I correctly decided when to switch from the main chart to the edging. While I only knit eight repeats of the main chart instead of the pattern recommended ten, it is still a nice sized shawl. I have finished dimensions around 72"x38" and I like the yarn even more after washing. I thought it was fine before, but a little soak in water and wool wash made a nice difference. I hope the birthday girl loves this as much as I enjoyed knitting it for her. It was a round birthday for her, and it fell amongst much busyness, so she has not had the chance to celebrate yet. I guess that just goes to show that time is being eaten up for others, too.
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