Friday, September 11, 2009

No More Library Fines for Me

Well, at least there will not be any more for Wrap Style. I have checked out that book a few times to knit the Shetland Triangle by Evelyn Clark. I think I ended up with late fees two out of three times. Now I do not have to worry about this, as I recently picked up a used copy of the book. Of course, I have also learned (last to know sometimes, I am) that one can now purchase that pattern individually from the designer's website, WrapStyleAndSharpShetlandProgressbut I am still pleased to have the entire book.

Since I have the book, plenty of yarn, and a gift-giving occasion perfect for a Shetland Triangle; you know what I have been knitting. I am making this one with Jo Sharp Classic DK Wool. Knitting it has been so very enjoyable. I realized that most of my recent knitting has been non-wool. I love wool, and have missed it so much.
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