Sunday, December 30, 2018

Merrily They Roll Along

I unstrung them from where they had hung beside the Christmas tree, took their pictures, loaded them into a box, and took them to the post office.  And just like that, my time with the Knit Ball Pit was done.  It was fun to be a part of a group project.  I had hoped to make more.  My very ambitious goal was fifty, and then I dropped it back to thirty with hopes of having one for each day of NaBloPoMo2018, but that did not work out, either.  In the end, I contributed twenty-six.  I think that is a decent offering to the cause.  I know the group goal was set at one thousand, and the last I saw, there were over nine hundred, so I think that goal will be achieved.  Anyway, here they all are.
Right now, they are neither here, nor there, but should be there tomorrow.  I hope the recipients like them, and that they can bring a little joy into their days.   
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