Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Inspired or Insane

Maybe it was the success of the last blanket that inspired me to try another, or maybe I had destroyed that part of my brain that tells me blankets are a bad idea.  Whatever the cause, when I saw the offer of a free pattern from Tin Can Knits, I chose the POP! Blanket.  Then, because I do not want to contract norovirus, I chose a yarn other than Noro.  Yes, the brand and the ailment are bonded in my brain for many reasons, not the least of which was the time I contracted it from a gathering of knitters.  I really do not hate all Noro yarns, but I am weird.  Anyway, for this blanket I am using Classic Shades in Watermelon (and perhaps Rainforest and Tropics) and Sheep(ish) in Grey(ish).  

While I am only twenty-five blocks into the project, I do not yet hate it.  This works very well for on-the-go knitting, and I can complete a square in a relatively short amount of time.  Each piece looks a bit terrible when it comes off the needles due to the curling nature of the stockinette, but I blocked the first square, (as the pattern directs) and it worked out the way it should.  

My squares are a bit smaller than those in the pattern are, but I like the way they feel, so I am not changing anything.  I have not decided just how large I am going to make this blanket, but I do not think I am giving it to a baby.  Then again, I am not very far into the process, and baby-sized may be all I can handle.  As an extra bit of motivation and inspiration, I wove in ends and blocked fifteen more squares, and I really like what is happening.  It even takes the sting away from just how many more I need to knit.  I have been trying to make sure that I keep up with weaving in ends so that part does not become too overwhelming.  


I also bought more yarn so that I do not have yarndage troubles.  I think I may have bought a bit more than I will need.  There is a small story behind that.  At first, I only bought one ball of the Classic Shades in case I did not like knitting this pattern or found that the yarn would not be a good match for it, but since it all seems to be working, I needed more.  I went to the yarn store to get more of the Classic Shades in Watermelon, but they had one fewer than I needed.  I So, I looked at other colorways to find one that might work with it, and I chose Rainforest and Tropics.  Yes, that is two, and I only needed one more ball of yarn, but this gives me the option to make a really big blanket if I so choose.   
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